London Eye Movement Integration Plus Training

The next EMIPlus Training takes place in London, November 2013 . A complete two day training in using EMIPlus November 9-10. All for £197 and 16 hours CPD.

Working as a professional therapist or change worker you will likely have clients who report a variety of disturbing and debilitating emotional issues. EMIPlus is a almost content free process you can use to help your clients overcome many trauma related problems.

Eye Movement Intergration Training

EMIPlus is particularly easy to learn and use as a process. Great for helping clients with phobias, traumas, PTSD and negative emotional imprints.

Two days training in London where you will easily learn an additional tool to help your clients overcome serious trauma and break free of its debilitating effects.

Event Sponsor & Booking Details

Cathy Simmons

The Simmons Clinic
8 England’s Lane
London NW3 4TG
Telephone: 0207 419 7915
Mobile: 07792 312 465