Eye Movement Integration Plus – London November 8-9th

I am greatly looking forward to coming to London again to share Eye Movement Integration Plus. This is the ‘basic’ eye movement integration with some additions using ‘humour’ and interspersed breathing techniques because using conscious resources aids in the reformatting of neural pathways.

There is new material this year which includes using eye focal length ( bell curve ) and also two very new developments which are noticing and ‘smoothing’ non-eye-movement deviations. A simple neuro-physiological guide to the ‘stress response’ and how this translates to a large majority of client conditions is part of the course.

EMIPlus is very easy to learn. This course is predominantly about practice and you finding your own way to implement this.

“You will be expertly guided in the use of this powerful Eye Movement technique and will get to experience it for yourself too, often clearing so much  of our own ‘stuff’ as we are learning to help our clients!

I can honestly say that EMI Plus has transformed my therapy practice in giving me this new way of working with trauma and so much more. The beauty of it is that it can be completely content-free and can totally transform the lives of those you work with. This training really is a must for any therapist, coach, counsellor or health worker who wants the absolute best for their clients.” – Cathy Simmons

This years London training takes place in Regent University.

For booking and much more information please click this link.