The EMIPlus DVD is the exact same material content as the free EMI Plus MP4 files but in higher resolution PAL DVD format. Do view the free MP4’s before you choose to buy.

On purchase individuals can make up to 100 legal non-commercial DVD copies.

On purchase teaching organisations can make up to 50 DVD copies legally.

EMI Plus DVD Commercial Use And Purchase :

For individuals who want the DVD quality picture. Single purchase of £150 and you can make up to 100 DVD copies for your friends and colleagues legally.

For use in teaching colleges, universities and private trainings. Purchase one DVD set for £150 and your organisation is licensed to make 50 copies of the DVD set for free distributions to your students. You will receive one DVD and you make up to 50 he copies legally.

There is no implied or suggested endorsement that you are certificated as an EMI or EMI Plus practitioner. These MP4 DVD’s are purely for your personal information and education.