EMIPlus Additional Developments in Change

EMIPlus is an evolving field. Here are some new additions for you to explore as you use the process tools to help your clients move forward from all kinds of trauma and physical and emotional pain.

There are several people exploring and developing the ‘Bell Curve’ and ‘3×3 matrix’ techniques and this is great to know. So far the practice and ‘research’ seems to correlate well with the anticipated results in relation to standard sub-modality shifts ( distance, direction and location ) in changing focus, re-orientation in time ( past / present / future ) and potentially some other stuff which I don’t fully understand yet.

Here is something new for your consideration and exploration.

Parts Work and EMIPlus

Many of us are familiar with the concept of using parts, as metaphorical entities, in our work with clients. This is an idea I have to further develop EMIPlus using a kind of content free and unconscious re-organisation of a part or entity that is responsible for some particular undesired behaviour or symptom. If you try this I will love your feedback at both a content and process level.

So here is my idea. The frame is we are not trying to do a standard parts integration. We are going for a parts sublimation. That is valuing each ‘competing’ part as an individual behaviour / intention or whatever frame works for you. There will of course be some or many instances where the problem behaviour has inherent value.

The idea is to have an outside perspective of both the ‘problem part’ by nature of the perspective of the conscious mind and the part that is ‘doing the behaviour’ by way of unconscious. By bringing the two seemingly opposing parts into the open – that is a representation by way of a feeling and then into the visual space as two symbols ( this is inherently shamanistic / metaphoric ) and using a variety of linkage patterns to link the two in visual space. The linkage in visual space of the two metaphoric representations ( linked to feelings ) is sublimated.

If this is not so clear get in touch and I will do my best to explain the process I have outlined below.

  1. Access the imaginary or real part that is responsible for the behaviour that is problematic. Notice where this is felt most in the body. Feel this and welcome this. Now here is a distinction.
  2. If the feeling is anything that is deemed to be uncomfortable or negative, notice where this is. If the feeling is comfortable, notice where this is. We are identifying the ‘competing parts’.
  3. Whatever feeling you have identified in part 2. We want to identify the opposite part as a feeling. So if you have identified a negative feeling you want to identify the complement feeling and this is “so if this feeling / behaviour was gone, what will you feel and where is this feeling?”. If the feeling is positive ask “so when you have the problem and you know it, where is that feeling?”. The idea is to identify complements and more importantly locations in the body of the two opposing expressions. OK.
  4. Having identified two opposing feelings ask your client to externalise those feelings as places in their visual space. Two different and well differentiated points in their visual space outside their body.
  5. Use any EMI linkage ( lines, spirals, wiggles ) between the two points. And at each point invoke, illicit and enhance the feeling ( clients words ) while you move your finger or pointer in ways that connect the representations in visual space. My sense is this is going to be a slow movement approach but I may be very wrong.
  6. Continue until something profound and meaningful happens.

This is an experimental version of a wonderful technique I learned from Steve Gilligan using his Generative Hypnosis or as I call this Parts Sublimation. Each part is highly valued and the moving in between, as an observer, seeing both sides and valuing both sides is priceless. you can watch this as a hypnosis process here. I am proposing a similar methodology with a very different process.

If you are developing the concept please do get back and share your results and experience as this will be massively valuable in developing new process of working in very inclusive ways that really could be life enhancing and changing.

My sincere thanks and warm wishes